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Oral surgery

The best way of replacing lost teeth. The best cosmetic effect and functionality is offered by dental implants. Even the most demanding patients will be satisfied!

Cysts are patological cavities coated with tissue and filled with liquid. They can develop in both jaws and in the soft tissue (mouth, cheek) .Dental cysts appear as a reaction of your organism to the constant infection that comes through the dental pulp which is infected. They can appear...
Teeth are held in place by a root that is integrated into the jaw bone. The end or top of every root is called apex. Nerves and blood vessels come into the tooth over it.Surgical procedure which assumes the removal of the apex together with the infected tissue on it is called Apicoectomy.&...
A great deal of people does not have enough room for these teeth in their jaws.A short explanation: Which teeth are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear, approximately from 18th to 25th year. Of all permanent teeth they are the last to grow. ...
Frenulum is a small fold of tissue which connects the lip or tongue with the floor of the oral cavity. Frenectomy is a routine procedure which is done if the frenulum is tied to the gums. By doing it, gum recession and periodontitis in that area are prevented.
Ridge augmentationThe part of the jaw where teeth roots are located is called alveolar ridge. The alveolar ridge is resorbed in the case of periodontitis or after the extraction of a tooth. An often requirement during implan...

Bulvear Despota Stefana 13 (in the building near Skadarlija), Belgrade

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