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Our team has specialized in implantology and oral surgery, areas in which we have years of experience and tradition. Dental Implant Clinic's team is led by dr. Ivan Stojanovic - an implantologist. We are one of the pioneers of modern implantology in our country, and we always try to be known for quality. For us, there are no unsolvable cases, partial solutions, compromises, our patients are always the top priority, our statistics are great. Our patient's smiles are something that is recognised and remembered! Because, WE STRIVE FOR PERFECTION!

Dental Implant Clinic offers services from the areas of dental implantology, oral surgery, prosthetics, periodontology, orthodontics, cosmetic and restoration dentistry. All of this by using the best materials which follow European standards. With our diagnostic methods you will get a good advice on how to solve your health or aesthetic problem.

Why us?

When we offer you treatment, we consider your wishes. We are here for you, to explain all the options available and their prices, so you can make the best choice. You will always know what are we doing. Every time you have a question, please ask a member of our team, they will be happy to explain everything to you.

As medical professionals we believe that preventive care and education are paving a way toward optimal oral health. We do everything we can to provide "tooth health care" . Because of that we focus on the patient's general condition of his mouth, teeth and gums. Our goal is your teeth's well being through prevention. This means giving advices, helping you understand how to take care of your teeth in order to reduce the need for dental treatments. We recommend you to remove scale and plaque regularly, use dental floss, because all of that helps in preventing dental diseases. Your smile is not the only thing we are focused on, your health is also very important to us. We want every patient to be satisfied when he leaves our clinic, because a recommendation is the only true praise for us.


Best offer


The progress of technology has enabled dental implants to be more used in stomatological practice. Our clinic's narrow specialization is in the field of Implantology. We can say with pride that we have a twenty year experience in dental implant placement. All of our implants are, of course, provided by high quality manufacturers.

Titanium dental implants are basically "screws" made of titanium which is primarily used in the aerospace industry. Implants are being placed into your jaw bone and they imitate your tooth root. Dental implants are absolutely biocompatable with the surrounding tissue and they completely attach themselves to your bone. The possibility of implant rejection or alergic reaction is reduced to the minimum.

Our recommendations

Non-metal crowns

Non-metal crowns (ceramic) have imposed themselves as the currently best material when it comes to prosthetics. Our studies have shown exceptional stability and durability of non-metal crowns and the cosmetic effect is what puts these crowns before all other choices.

Dental Implant Clinic has a lot of experience with zirconium, non-metal ceramic crowns. Zirconium is great because with it you achieve great aesthetic effect. Zirconium transparency and light refraction are very similar to natural teeth. It is also worth mentioning that Zirconium is one of the hardest metals and that it is used in space industry. Non-metal zirconium crowns are currently much more used than crowns with metal bases. Metaloceramic crowns are still popular, but the only reason for that is of financial nature, everything else is better with non-metal ceramics. Read more...

Anti-aging dentistry (holywood smile)

It's not enough anymore for teeth to be healthy, nowadays it is important that they have an aesthetic dimension. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we offer all up to date techniques.

A person's looks, especially the face, have become a part of communication. A nice and pleasant smile is the main requirement for getting positive opinions. Read more...

About us


Professionalism and understanding – Whether we talk about the professional part or the care for our patients, our team of doctors gives you the best dentistry offers. We are obligated to prevent dental problems and keep our patients informed. We will always give priority to treatments that are best for you and help you make the right choice.

Welcoming atmosphere – The atmosphere at our Clinic makes patients feel relaxed. We are proud that we have built a warm environment and a trusting relationship with our patients. Our patients are always given enough attention so we could earn his trust and respect.

Time management – We realise that your time is valuable and you can expect us to as fast as possible. If it can be done, we will try to make an appointment for you according to your job, etc.

Hygiene - Hygiene control is the basis for our patient's safety. For that purpose we are very strict with our sterilization processes.

Honesty – We thank you for your trust when choosing our Clinic

Why choose implants?

By placing an implant, together with the root, it is possible to mimic all the natural teeth functions. A firm tooth base allows normal chewing. One of the other implant advantages is that they look natural and do not make you feel uncomfortable.

Dental implants preserve the integrity of your face structure

Face structure remains intact because implants prevent bone resorption that happens after tooth extraction. This is especially important when all teeth are missing. If implants are not placed in the lower jaw to preserve the jawbone, the lower part of your face deteriorates.

Your smile is prettier if your teeth look natural.

Even if you are missing only one tooth, the results are far better and longer lasting with implants than with dental bridges. It is especially important to prevent resorption in the front jaw because aesthetic results depend largely on it.

To compensate for lost teeth you will not have to endanger other teeth that are healthy

The traditional method of dental bridge making implies that you have to reduce neighbouring teeth that may be completely healthy. Sometimes we might even have to remove the tooth nerve. Healthy enamel is removed from those teeth and it can never be made up for. Because of this, long term health of these teeth is compromised as they suffer the load of bridge bearers for the missing tooth. Partial prosthesis have little metal hooks with which they hang on to the remaining teeth and push them forward and backward. After some time these teeth might have to be extracted because they could get loose. Replacing of missing tooth with bridges or crowns that rest on implants does not require reducing of other teeth so it is the safest method for your teeth.

Easier maintaining of hygiene

It is harder to clean food remains under dental bridges than around crowns that are based on implants. Also, it is easier to maintain hygiene of dental implants than it is with dentures.

Self-confidence factor

People that have implants enjoy their advantages and claim that they are more self-confident, more satisfied with their appearance and are aware that they have done a lot for their health.

Immediate loading

The constant perfecting of our services and the following of world trends in the area of implantology allows us to offer you the concept of implant immediate loading.

Our clinic is performing this procedure for years now. The concept of immediate loading means that we extract a tooth, place the implant and a temporary crown, all this is done during only one visit! Of course, it is also done when the teeth are already extracted and only the implant needs to be placed. The implants are immediately placed and the patient is provided with temporary teeth.

Dental implant clinic for modern stomatology and implantology guarantees that in 24 hours you will get implants and temporary dental crowns on them which will negate any discomfort or anxiety! After a few months when the implant is properly integrated and when soft tissues are formed around temporary crowns, the patient comes to replace the temporary with the permanent crown.