Panoramic radiograph or orthopantomograph is a panoramic image of both jaws and it is used as a an aid in establishing a diagnose.

You can see both jaws, all teeth roots, sinus hole and temporomandibular joint on a panoramic radiograph.

It is ordinary to do an orthopantomograph before your first dental examination because scan analysis is one of the most important steps in determining further therapy.

We recommend panoramic radiography in cases like these:

If we need to determine the position of unerupted wisdom or other teeth,

If we need to check bone quality and mass,

If there is a doubt of a sinus problem,

When there is a need to check for cavities or other bone diseases that are hard to see during an ordinary examination,

To establish the lenghts of teeth roots and notice any complications on the bone (cysts, infections, etc.) ,

To get an early diagnosis of parodontopathy and in depth information of bone structure around teeth.

The machine we use for panoramic radiography is of the latest generation with minimum amounts of radiation. It is very safe when it comes to the patient’s health, which is always our primary concern.