Dental implants are the peak of stomatology progress. The progress of technology has enabled dental implants to be more used in stomatological practice. Our clinic’s narrow specialization is in the field of Implantology. We can say with pride that we have a twenty year experience in dental implant placement. All of our implants are, of course, provided by high quality manufacturers.

Titanium dental implants are basically “screws” made of titanium which is primarily used in the aerospace industry. Implants are being placed into your jaw bone and they imitate your tooth root. Dental implants are absolutely biocompatable with the surrounding tissue and they completely attach themselves to your bone. The possibility of implant rejection or alergic reaction is reduced to the minimum.

Dental implants are the best choice if you have one or more tooth missing. Dental implants prolong the life of your healthy teeth because they are not damaged during the procedure. Also, the closest thing to natural teeth is an implant.

In our clinic implantology is brought to perfection, and even if you do not fulfill all requirements for implant placement because of insufficient bone height and width, that problem can be easily solved by placing an artificial bone.

If it turns out that you need a paradontology procedure or artificial bone placement, all that, and implant placement, is done in one operation so that you don’t have to come more than one time.

We offer teeth mini-implants that are used for stabilization and retention of dentures (prosthesis). Mini-implants for teeth are thin and long implants that are placed in the front part of your upper or lower jaw.

The actual procedure of implant placement lasts only 10 minutes and it is completely safe and painless.

After the placement there is a waiting period during which the dental implant “ties” itself to the bone (two to four months) . What follows is the prosthetic phase where the implant gets fixed. For this purpose we can use non metal or metal ceramic crowns.

Dental implant placement

Dental implant placement is a permanent solution because the implant is structurally tied to the jawbone. However, that is just one of the advantages of dental implants. If you happen to lose a tooth that will affect you in several ways. You will not be able to chew food like before and that will have a negative impact on digestion, for example. Also, while you are chewing your jawbone is under greater load and because the jawbone supports face muscles your face will get an older look faster which will cause functional and aesthetic problems. While we are at aesthetic factors, if the tooth you are missing is front we should mention that modern dental implants look just like natural teeth and there is no visible difference.

If you are missing one tooth it is much better to have a dental implant than an artificial tooth. If you are missing more than one or even all teeth it is possible to replace them with dental implants which will serve as a dental bridge.

Since dental implants are made of biocompatable material our body easily accepts them. Still, there are some basic prerequisities that need to be fulfilled before implants are to be placed. General health is the most important factor, also, there is a small number of diseases that can negatively affect the binding of the implant to the jawbone. At one time there was a problem of bone width and height but that has been solved by artificial bone placement. This procedure is painless and quick and it is done under local anesthesia. After the dental implant is placed it is very important that you listen to your stomatologist’s advices and maintain oral hygiene. Dental implants require as much attention as real teeth. Orderly washing and flossing of the implant is, of course, required as are regular checks of the implant. From all this we draw a conclusion that, if you do not have a systematic disease and if you listen to instructions, implant rejection is impossible. Dental implants are very similar to natural teeth and because of this they are the best possible replacement for missing teeth.

All about dental implants


By placing an implant, together with the root, it is possible to mimic all the natural teeth functions. A firm tooth base allows normal chewing. One of the other implant advantages is that they look natural and do not make you feel uncomfortable.

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The constant perfecting of our services and the following of world trends in the area of implantology allows us to offer you the concept of implant immediate loading.Our clinic is performing this procedure for years now.

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It is a surgical procedure which increases the height of the upper jaw bone. Sometimes this procedure is needed to allow implant placement. Maxillary sinuses are located the cheek in a bone and go from the area below the eye to above back teeth.

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The development of implantology in past years has brought new techniques and materials which help us to better help our patients and their wishes.Dental prosthesis (dentures) are stabilized in the mouth with the help of plas…

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The prices of dental implants are getting lower the past few years but you cannot say that they are cheap. However, since dental implants are a long term investment, the price should not be your main factor when choosing a dental clinic.

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