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Our team has specialized in implantology and oral surgery, areas in which we have years of experience and tradition. Dental Implant Clinic’s team is led by dr. Ivan Stojanovic – an implantologist. We are one of the pioneers of modern implantology in our country, and we always try to be known for quality.

For us, there are no unsolvable cases, partial solutions, compromises, our patients are always the top priority, our statistics are great. Our patient’s smiles are something that is recognised and remembered! Because, PERFECTION IS OUR STANDARD!

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Any questions?

Please give us a call!

A wide range of services

in the field of dentistry and implantology

Dental implants

Dental implants are the peak of stomatology progress. The progress of technology has enabled dental implants to be more used in stomatological practice.
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Oral surgery

The best way of replacing lost teeth. The best cosmetic effect and functionality is offered by dental implants. Even the most demanding patients will be satisfied!
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Periodontitis is an advanced chronic inflammation of gingiva. It is one of the most common diseases in general.
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Cosmetic dentistry

There are a few simple and affordable ways to get a shiny smile that will make you look younger and beautiful.
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Family dentistry

We will take care of your whole family. Family dentistry is our trademark!
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An orthopan or orthopantomograph is a (large) panoramic image of both jaws, and serves as an auxiliary diagnostic tool.
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