Metal-free crowns (ceramic) have proven to be the best material for prosthetic work due to their exceptional properties. Our long-term studies show outstanding stability and durability of metal-free crowns, and the aesthetics they provide have set this material apart, placing it convincingly in the first place.

The Center for Modern Dentistry, Dental Implant, proudly reports that in recent years, two-thirds of their work has been made using zirconium, or metal-free ceramic crowns. Zirconium is excellent because it achieves an outstanding aesthetic effect. The light refraction and transparency of zirconium are very similar to natural teeth. It is also worth noting that zirconium is one of the hardest metals, used even in space technology.

When there is a loss of one or more teeth, problems such as tooth shifting in the jaw or overloading of the jawbone arise. The installation of metal-free ceramic crowns eliminates these problems.


Advantages of metal-free ceramics

Metal-free ceramics represent the pinnacle of modern dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry would be practically unimaginable without metal-free ceramics.

There are numerous advantages offered by metal-free dental crowns. The list of these advantages can be very long if we compare each segment.

The primary advantage is that these crowns are highly durable. Metal-free crowns are also resistant and strong.

Additionally, metal-free crowns do not need to be replaced if well-maintained.

The production process of metal-free ceramic crowns: computer scanning of the impression, highly precise grinding, and laser cutting of zirconium lead to precise fitting of the future metal-free work without any prolonged fitting and pushing under the gums. The grinding for metal-free crowns goes just to the gum line or half a millimeter below it (achieving the best aesthetic effect) so there is no risk of gum irritation or reaction to zirconium, and the material itself is much more biocompatible than metal.

The aesthetic aspect is also very important for every patient and for us. With metal-free ceramics, something unimaginable with metal-ceramic dental crowns can be achieved. For Dental Implant patients and us, the most important factors are the final result, quality, durability, and functionality of the prosthetic work, allowing us to guarantee it for ten or more years.

Materials used for metal-free crowns

Dental crowns are made from both metal-free and metal materials. When it comes to metal-free crowns, materials like zirconium are used, which are much more suitable for installation, resistant, and long-lasting. Besides that, the aesthetic aspect is much more significant.

Metal-free crowns fit better on the gums, making it almost impossible to see that they are artificial teeth.

Extremely hard metal ceramics form the basis of all teeth made in this way. This involves zirconium or zirconium oxide, projected on a digital model of the patient’s cavity. Sometimes, aluminum combined with glass is used, but this is a different material that is less commonly used.

The zirconium crystal was discovered in the late eighteenth century, but dentistry was far behind what we have today. When zirconium entered the dental industry significantly, all tests showed that it was not harmful to human health.


Procedure for installing a dental crown

An orthopantomogram determines which shape best fits the jaw, and after taking an impression from the patient, the tooth is ground and the crown is placed. A dental crown can also be placed on an artificial root, an implant after it has fused with the bone.

Sometimes multiple visits are needed to make a good diagnosis and to properly fit the teeth. After grinding the tooth, consultations with the dentist take place to decide if the crown will be larger or smaller, what color it will be, and how it will fit. Sometimes the whole process can be completed in one day, but sometimes it takes longer.

When a crown is installed, it remains in the mouth for several days before final cementing. After the trial version, the model and color are shaped in the mouth.

Zirconium crowns are otherwise modeled in a special program, making it much easier to achieve a good fit.

To install a metal-free or any other crown, the tooth must not be adequately treated in time. If the tooth is only slightly damaged, veneers may solve the problem, and dentists determine what is best to do with the tooth. Metal-free crowns can also be installed instead of metal ones, and some people prefer crowns over veneers.

The installation of a dental crown can take some time due to the procedure involved. However, if you want to finally have a beautiful smile that everyone will love, along with a healthy oral cavity, this is the way to achieve it.


Metal-free or metal-ceramic crowns?

Zirconium metal-free crowns have completely taken the lead over crowns with a metal base. Metal-ceramic crowns are still quite popular, but the primary reason for this is financial; everything else favors metal-free ceramics.

The light refraction and transparency of zirconium are very similar to natural teeth, which is why metal-free crowns have an absolute advantage over crowns with a metal base.

Additionally, metal crowns have occasionally caused allergic reactions, so dentistry had to take a step further. The installation of metal-free crowns has prevented the possibility of things going wrong. This, of course, makes them somewhat more expensive, but they are highly effective and reliable.

Metal-free crowns and dental implants

The difference between an implant and metal or metal-free crowns also interests many. An implant is actually a root that is inserted into the bone by drilling. The dental base, which will ultimately be “crowned” by an artificial tooth, is screwed onto it.

The crown can be placed on the mentioned implant or on a previously ground tooth, so it does not necessarily mean that the entire tooth will be artificial.


Metal-free crowns and dental bridges

Many are also interested in whether metal-free crowns can be placed on a dental bridge. The answer is yes. Metal-free bridges are installed in almost the same way as any other bridge. Ceramic teeth can be made from non-metal materials, and the bases of bridges can also be made from materials that do not contain metal.


Metal-free crowns prices

The cost of metal-free crowns has been adjusted to consumers in recent years and can be said to be increasingly affordable.

The cost of metal-free crowns can sometimes be decisive in choosing them. In our clinic, prices are adjusted to modern times and the modern pocket. Check our price list for the cost of metal-free crowns.

This is a promotional price for crowns! Take advantage of this promotional offer and restore your smile!


Maintaining crowns

As mentioned, once a crown is installed, with good maintenance, it can last a long time. Maintaining metal-free crowns should not differ from maintaining metal crowns or general dental care.

For non-natural teeth, it is crucial to use brushes with a smaller head, as they are more suitable for dental maintenance and preventing tartar buildup. Although it may sound strange, yes, it is very important to brush the crown gently as it reduces the possibility of plaque buildup, preventing potential tooth infection.


It is also important to emphasize the following…

Knowing that bad teeth can cause numerous diseases and problems, it is certainly more cost-effective to take care of them on time. However, if things get out of hand, not everything is lost. There are countless ways to address your problems and smile again with a bright smile.

Beautiful teeth are associated with charm and attitude, but do not let self-confidence be your only guide. Let it be love for health and responsibility for your own body. Only then will you systematically solve the problem. Contact us in time and do not resolve issues hastily and only when they get complicated!

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