Tooth whitening is a process of removing various spots and discolorations from tooth surface. Tooth whitening is a very popular procedure because it guarantees you results at an affordable price.

A pretty smile is one of the first things that is notices when someone meets you and it influences your self-confidence in a positive way. With a white and shiny smile you feel better and you leave a better impresion. Lifestyle or aging can negatively affect tooth color. Things like coffee, tea, coca-cola, red wine and cigarettes can contribute to teeth getting darker.

Our clinic offers the all the methods used around the world for tooth whitening: laser bleaching, white smile method and home tooth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a process of removing various stains and discolorations from the surface of the teeth, making them whiter in color. Whitening teeth is a very popular procedure because you can achieve beautiful white teeth without any discomfort and at an affordable price. Additionally, you can take advantage of the current promotion we have.

Having a magical, beautiful, and recognizable smile is not easy. It requires a disciplined approach to oral hygiene and everything that accompanies a beautiful smile, such as regular visits to the dentist and interventions within the mouth. However, some people are not naturally blessed with healthy teeth of good shape and color. But this is no reason to despair. Teeth whitening is now an accessible process that can make discolored teeth look uniform in color. A beautiful smile is indeed noticeable, and people with a nice smile find it easier to communicate, both non-verbally and verbally. With a white and bright smile, you feel better and leave a better impression. Life and aging can negatively affect the color of teeth.

Teeth whitening is a method that you will surely be satisfied with. It is painless, not unpleasant, and guarantees full shine, light reflection, and beauty. The Hollywood smile has led to an entire category being named after it. It was initiated during the times when the high style of the world smiled from the small screen. The teeth whitening method that resembles creating such a smile is the White Smile method, which you often see among TV personalities.

Our clinic offers the most renowned globally recognized teeth whitening methods: laser teeth whitening, the White Smile method, and the splint/tray method for teeth whitening (home teeth whitening).


Laser bleaching

Laser teeth whitening (laser bleaching) is a half-hour procedure that delivers immediate results. After laser teeth whitening, you won’t be able to hide your satisfaction with your new smile!

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White Smile tooth bleaching

White Smile method for bleaching is a completely safe and painless procedure. It is based on two phases: a gel which contains hydrogen peroxide and is applied on teeth and an UV lamp which does not heat up and does not damage teeth but is only used to speed up the process of whitening. The gel itself contains fluor that we all know is good for teeth. Patient’s current teeth color is determined before the treatment, then a special is used to protect the gums and finally the gel is applied to teeth that need whitening. After a 30-45 minutes treatment teeth are 2 to 4 shades whiter, but that will depend on the individual. The new shade will last from 2 to 5 years.

Home tooth whitening

At our Clinic we work with an American product called Opalescence. It is a gel that contains carbamide peroxide in low concentrations, from 10 to 15 percent. The procedure is simple: we take an imprint of both your upper and lower jaw, based on which we make a splint that the patient gets together with the gel and takes home. The patient applies a small quantity of gel in the splint and wears it during the night. The process lasts for 7-10 days. The effects last for 3 years. After that, the process has to be repeated to maintain the results.

Teeth whitening price

The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on the method you choose. Call and schedule an appointment.


Before deciding on a teeth whitening method…

Before deciding on teeth whitening, it’s important to ensure that your other teeth are not problematic. Whitening teeth while having decayed or crooked teeth can complicate the process.

Therefore, we strongly recommend addressing any dental issues before opting for whitening. Consider getting implants for missing teeth, or using bridges or crowns. Once all your teeth are in place and there are no underlying issues, you can proceed with whitening for a beautiful finish. While white teeth won’t directly affect your health, they can encourage better oral hygiene habits.

Knowing that teeth can darken again will likely make you more diligent in maintaining them, preventing them from returning to their previous state. It’s up to you to choose the type of whitening method you prefer. We offer all options, but the final decision is yours. Smile and boost your confidence, and let your beautiful smile speak for you!


After teeth whitening

A common question is what to do after whitening your teeth. In addition to regular dental check-ups to keep your teeth healthy, it’s crucial to maintain good hygiene. Interestingly, many people don’t associate tooth color with dental health, even though any color change should be reported to a dentist. Teeth are naturally a bit darker than pure white, but significant darkening can be a cause for concern.

Maintaining teeth isn’t particularly difficult if approached with responsibility and consistency. Sensitive teeth require special care, and whitened teeth can be considered somewhat sensitive, at least aesthetically.

Treat your whitened teeth with special care to delay their return to a darker shade. Brushing for two minutes is recommended because it takes that long to remove bacteria and plaque from the enamel. Choosing the right toothpaste and toothbrush based on your teeth type is crucial, and remember that two minutes means a full two minutes. Only by adhering to this can you maintain white teeth, as shorter brushing times compromise dental hygiene.

You can brush your teeth more than twice a day, which is fine. However, if you find it tedious, twice a day is sufficient.

We recommend using dental floss and a toothbrush with a smaller head to reach all areas where bacteria can accumulate.

Teeth whitening can also be part of a healthy routine driven by good habits. Quitting smoking and alcohol is the first step to better and healthier teeth.

Our advice is to keep your teeth clean and address any cavities, decay, or tartar promptly. Delaying problems won’t improve the situation, so it’s important to act swiftly.

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Tooth whitening is a process of removing various spots and discolorations from tooth surface. Tooth whitening is a very popular procedure because it guarantees you results at an affordable price.A pretty smile is one of the first things that is notices when someone meets you and it influen…
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