Tooth whitening is a process of removing various spots and discolorations from tooth surface. Tooth whitening is a very popular procedure because it guarantees you results at an affordable price.

A pretty smile is one of the first things that is notices when someone meets you and it influences your self-confidence in a positive way. With a white and shiny smile you feel better and you leave a better impresion. Lifestyle or aging can negatively affect tooth color. Things like coffee, tea, coca-cola, red wine and cigarettes can contribute to teeth getting darker.

Our clinic offers the all the methods used around the world for tooth whitening: laser bleaching, white smile method and home tooth whitening.

Laser bleaching

Laser bleaching is a half hour method with immediate results. After laser tooth bleaching you will not be able to hide your satisfaction!Limited offer!!! Laser bleaching for only 150€!!

White Smile tooth bleaching

White Smile method for bleaching is a completely safe and painless procedure. It is based on two phases: a gel which contains hydrogen peroxide and is applied on teeth and an UV lamp which does not heat up and does not damage teeth but is only used to speed up the process of whitening. The gel itself contains fluor that we all know is good for teeth. Patient’s current teeth color is determined before the treatment, then a special is used to protect the gums and finally the gel is applied to teeth that need whitening. After a 30-45 minutes treatment teeth are 2 to 4 shades whiter, but that will depend on the individual. The new shade will last from 2 to 5 years.

Home tooth whitening

At our Clinic we work with an American product called Opalescence. It is a gel that contains carbamide peroxide in low concentrations, from 10 to 15 percent. The procedure is simple: we take an imprint of both your upper and lower jaw, based on which we make a splint that the patient gets together with the gel and takes home. The patient applies a small quantity of gel in the splint and wears it during the night. The process lasts for 7-10 days. The effects last for 3 years. After that, the process has to be repeated to maintain the results.

Tooth whitening – prices

Prices vary depending on the option you choose. There is a limited offer at the time – laser bleaching is only 150€!!The price for home whitening is also 150€

All about cosmetic surgery


Non-metal crowns (ceramic) have imposed themselves as the currently best material when it comes to prosthetics. Our studies have shown exceptional stability and durability of non-metal crowns and the cosmetic effect is what puts these crowns before all other choices.Limited offer!!!

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Metaloceramic crowns (or metal-ceramic crowns) fall into fixed prosthetics that are consist of a metal base (cap) and ceramics. They are used when a tooth cannot be properly fixed with a traditional filling, or in situations when you need to replace one or more teeth – a metaloceramic brid…

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Tooth whitening is a process of removing various spots and discolorations from tooth surface. Tooth whitening is a very popular procedure because it guarantees you results at an affordable price.A pretty smile is one of the first things that is notices when someone meets you and it influen…
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Fixed braces are mostly used by adults with clearly visible orthodontic irregularities. Fixed braces give much better results that mobile dentures because they are not taken off and are glued to your teeth so the correction of the irregularities never stops. Fixed braces for teeth correction…
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Ceramic facets and veneers are a trend that is becoming more and more popular.Veneers are a less invasive method than non-metal ceramic crowns but more than composite facets. With a little preparation of enamel and with the help of a dental laboratory, we get a ceramic tile 1mm thick that is perm…
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Some of tooth problems require a procedure that involves the removal of infected parts (caries) and placement of a filling.Composite materials of the latest generations completely satisfy even the highest aesthetic standards. After being repared, the tooth looks completely natural and fits…
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We are here for you!Our Clinic has a special offer for you, from 10 to 20 percent of discount if you choose us. Come for an examination, solve your caries problems, replace old fillings, do everything you postponed until now and save at the same time!
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It’s not enough anymore for teeth to be healthy, nowadays it is important that they have an aesthetic dimension. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we offer all up to date techniques.A person’s looks, especially the face, have become a part of communication. A nice and pleasant smile is…
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Dental Implant Clinic is always one step ahead!We want to help people that are tourists, strangers, people that are working or simply prefer it this way – by offering teeth in 24 hours!No matter if it is prosthetics, some sort of treatment or a filling, you will get all of our attention!
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When teeth are badly damaged by cavities, one of the possibilities for recovery are INLAYS and ONLAYS.INLAY is a restoration that is placed into the tooth and ONLAY is placed onto the tooth.They are made from ceramics during one visit with the aid of CAD/CAM technology, or a technician can…
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The dentistry of future!Crowns in one day! The usage of CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology in dentistry has enabled us to shorten the time you spend at our Clinic and to improve the quality of our crowns, facets, inlays, onlays..
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Hyaluron fillers are basically pure hyaluron acid by structure. Since hyaluron acid is by nature found in human skin, gelated hyaluron fillers are completely safe to use.Hyaluron fillers are the best solution for patients who want to erase wrinkles without using an invasive procedure.
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