Symptoms are very hard to notice because is considered a “quiet” disease but it is not rare that it ends with teeth loss. This disease advances slowly but has almost no symptoms. Some of the possible symptoms are soft, red and swollen gums. One of the more clearer symptoms is gum bleeding while bushing teeth.

Gum inflammation is only the first stage. If ignored, it will lead to gum recession, loss of bone mass and other steps that will eventually lead to general periodontitis. That is when tooth supporting structures are lost.

Gum inflammation treatment

Gum inflammation treatment is a long-lasting process and it should be said that there is no universal cure for gingivitis. For the treatment to be successfull a lot of effort is needed. We suggest you use a soft toothbrush, be gentle when brushing inflammated places and generally brush your teeth from root towards the top.

Mouthwash and flossing are recommended in treating gingivitis. Massage your gums at least once a day, preferably after every meal. The most important thing is to quit smoking and drinking alcohol because those habits are very bad for your gums. Nutrition is also very important. If you wish to start treating your gums, we recommend a visit to our Clinic!

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a serious disease.

Bleeding gums causes

Causes can be loss of immunity, smoking, acute inflammations of upper airways, vitamine C deficiency, dental plaque full of bacteria, hormonal disorders and scale. The cause of bleeding gums can also be hereditary. Bacteria on gums and teeth can influence your heart and your whole organism in a bad way. With women gums swelling and bleeding is common during puberty, pregnancy, menopause. Chemotherapy has unwanted effects such as stomatitis (mouth soft tissue inflammation) , acne appearing in mouth. Tobacco is very harmful for oral health and smokers have high probability for gum bleeding.

Bleeding gums while brushing your teeth is a beginning phase and as soon as you notice it you should start treating it. Improper oral hygiene is the main cause of inflammation of connective tissue around and between teeth.

Treating of bleeding gums It is a long-term process.

To prevent gum inflammation there are certain rules you should stick to: it’s not enough to use a toothbrush because it cannot clean all the layers between teeth or remove all bacteria. You should use dental floss for inaccessible parts and mouthwash for disinfection of the gums and destruction of bacteria. Blueberry juice tightens tissue and disinfects gums. However, this might not be enough if the inflammation is in the advanced stage. It is best for you to seek expert help. Bleeding gums is not a harmless disease because it can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Some more advices for tooth brushing:
-You should change your toothbrush every two to three months; it should be of medium hardness

-Brush in slow circular moves; hold the brush in a 45 degree angle against the teeth

-Use dental floss after brushing

-Every morning rinse your mouth with a little sea salt dissolved in mildly hot water

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Symptoms are very hard to notice because is considered a “quiet” disease but it is not rare that it ends with teeth loss. This disease advances slowly but has almost no symptoms.

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