A fissure is a dent on tooth surface which is used for chewing. It is a space so narrow that toothbrush fibers cannot reach it, but food remains and bacteria can. This is how teeth are damaged.

There is more than one material for sealing fissures, but they are all similar to the ones used for fillings. That material is glued to the enamel and lasts for several years. Fissure sealing prevents bacteria from stockpiling and reduces the risk of teeth damage up to 70%.

The procedure is completely painless and kids are not scared of it

The procedure:

The tooth is cleaned with a professional toothpaste, dried, coated with a 37% phosphorous acid. Then the sealant is applied and if there is extra, it is removed so that it doesn’t interfere with chewing.

Prepare your child for it’s first visit to the dentist It is very important that the fist visit to the dentist is a positive experience for your child. You are the most important factor in preparing your child. We can help by giving you useful advices on what you should do and say.

Remeber, children are not born with fear of dentists – they acquire it through negative experience.

Things to give attention to before visiting a dentist:

-Talk with your child in a relaxed manner. Present the visit to the dentist as something positive and interesting.

-Explain things in a way a child could understand. Avoid words like drilling, needle, pain, anesthesia, etc.

-Don’t say “the dentist will not hurt you” . Say something like “the dentist will be very gentle while repairing your teeth”

-Read educational stories about dentists

-The child should have enough rest before going to the dentist

-The child should know that you regularly visit your dentist

-Give a good example and wash your teeth regularly

-Do not be scared and worried, the child will feel it

-Do not give too much attention to the visit, it will attain “too much meaning”

First teeth

First teeth are brushed in the morning and evening. The baby should play with the toothbrush in order to get used to it visually.

When all baby teeth are grown it is best to clean them with a toothbrush with long fibers, narrow head and a thicker handle that’s comfortable to hold.

When should you start using a toothpaste?

Children toothpaste can be used from the second year. These toothpastes contain fluoride which strenghtens enamel and prevents cavities. Small doses are enough.

How to keep tooth healthy?

-As soon as it’s a year old, allow the child to drink from a cup

-Limit sweet and sour in child’s nutrition. Quantity does not matter as much as frequency

-Never put in your mouth something the children put in theirs. It is a way to transfer bacteria into the baby’s mouth

Finally, always set a good example for your kids.

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A fissure is a dent on tooth surface which is used for chewing. It is a space so narrow that toothbrush fibers cannot reach it, but food remains and bacteria can. This is how teeth are damaged.

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